RPGreet Features

RPGreet grafts the familiar mechanics of role playing games onto the messy, chaotic world of romance, and the result is a lot more fun than you might expect. It uses your Focus (wearable augmented reality device) to turn the world around you into a game of flirting and leveling up.

Potential dates are all around you!

Activate your Focus, open the app, and suddenly, the stats of everyone in your vicinity with an RPGreet account are displayed right there next to them in real space.

Level up your flirting

Users gain (or lose) experience by going on successful (or not so much) dates. After each date, users are invited to give their prospective partner one of many ratings, such as Orc (-25 XP), NPC (-10 XP), Starting Character (+10 XP), or Multiclass Wizard/Thief of Hearts (+25).

No account needed to play

Even if a prospective partner doesn't have an RPGreet account yet, our advanced cloud-based machine-learning algorithms can compute their likely score based on their speech and mannerisms.

Get Premium Edition to become a Love Wizard

Getting dates can be tough as a Level 1, so opt for our Premium Edition to make your own customized persona, complete with dating histories and reviews you invent for yourself.

Show your dates you care

Craft in-game gifts for people you're interested in that will be displayed on their public profile. Everyone will know how much that lovely elf lady in your life means to you once they see the bouquet of magic flowers you bought her!

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