Download-a-Celebrity Features

Have you ever wanted to have a friendly chat or a romantic date with your favorite celebrity? With Download-a-Celebrity, it's now possible to meet any celebrity you want! You simply download a celebrity's personality and appearance into any blank robot.

Privacy and freedom for all users!

We understand that you may not want your favorite celebrity to know how big of a fan you are, so your download will be completely anonymous. You can feel safe making a robot copy of whoever and however many of our celebrities as you want.

An immersive and realistic experience!

Your robot copy is an exact duplicate of a celebrity's memories and physical appearance!

Make all your dreams come true!

Our robots are designed to find you incredibly attractive and interesting, and will obey all commands.

Choose your favorite version of your favorite person!

Choose any point in a celebrity's life to make a copy of. Lucy Liu was named sexiest woman of the year in both 2003 and in 2063, and you could meet both of them!

A lifelong investment!

Our robots are nearly indestructible and will run continuously for decades. In fact, the only way to disable them is to overpower them with another celebrity robot.


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