Pokedex Features

The Pokedex is a digital encyclopedia created by Professor Oak as an invaluable tool to Pokemon trainers. In order to accomplish Professor Oak's goal of a complete Pokemon database, the Pokedex is designed to find and record data on each Pokemon the user meets.

A note about consent in the Pokemon world: you can think of Pokemon as either

  • Sentient beings who deserve to be asked for consent in how they are treated
  • The property of humans, who deserve to be asked for consent of how their property is treated

Adding new entries to the Pokedex

The user encounters a new Pokemon, and data about the Pokemon is recorded and added to the Pokedex. Users may simply point the Pokedex at an individual. The Pokedex will then display a picture and read the entry out loud. It uses a small camera to take a photo of the Pokemon to identify it.

Reading existing Pokedex entries

Entries of previously encountered Pokemon can be reviewed. Data includes an image of the Pokemon, its species, height, weight, the time of day that a Pokémon can be caught, current health, and current location.

Unlock achievements

Professor Oak will evaluate the user's Pokedex according to the number of Pokemon they have caught.

Find nearby friends

When Pokedexes from the same region are put together, a Pokedex will make a beeping sound as a signal to indicate that another Pokedex is nearby.

Verify your identity

The Pokedex can be used as an ID-card.




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