Pip-Boy Features

The RobCo Pip-Boy (Personal Information Processor) is a portable computer worn on the user's left forearm. Designed for exploration and survival in harsh environments, it acts as a database for the user's personal information and inventory, as well as a tool for navigation.

Keep track of your status and current goals

Pip-boys show information about the current user including health status, items being carried, and a log of recent actions the user has taken.

Know where you are and where you're going

A map of the surrounding area is generated via powerful satellite uplinks

Receiving emergency medical care is easy

If you are incapacitated, it's easy to receive care because your vital signs are visible to anyone who looks at your Pip-Boy.

Easily set up or trade in your Pip-Boy

It's no problem getting set up with a new Pip-Boy. Pip-Boys can be removed at any time, and can be found or traded between users, and installation is as simple as putting it on your wrist and turning it on.

Never lose precious memories

Automatically makes video and audio recordings of events that seem important to the user to preserve precious memories



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