What is Sinatra?

The horoscope app only uses a single page and (when you've finished this tutorial) 2 different requests. Ruby on Rails, the web application framework you may be more familiar with, makes a lot of assumptions about the kind of applications being built with it. It assumes you're going to be using a database and at least a few different requests, at a minimum. We don't need any of that. Sinatra makes none of these assumptions so it's perfect for this kind of application.

Here's the entirety of horoscope.rb, which contains all of the backend logic for the application. Since '/' is the url for the home page, this file is setting up a homepage that has access to a variable called @prediction. It uses a template file called index.erb.

With Sinatra, you can do a lot with very few lines of code. You can define any request in Sinatra by adding a block to this file. For example, if we wanted to add a page with the url '/my-favorite-pizzas', we would write:

get '/my-favorite-pizzas' do
    logic goes here...

Try out a few changes to horoscope.rb or index.erb to see how Sinatra works. To test out your changes:

  • In the terminal, enter gem install bundler. This installs a tool that makes it easier to install the Ruby libraries we'll need for this tutorial.
  • Enterbundle exec ruby ./horoscope.rb into the terminal. This runs a local Sinatra server. Depending on the changes you've made, it might give you an error and some clues about how to fix it.
  • Enter bundle install to install the gems we'll be using today
  • Finally, visit localhost:4567 in a browser to see your website! (localhost:4567 is the default url for local Sinatra servers, referring to port 4567. When you run the server, you'll see the message "Sinatra has taken the stage on 4567" indicating that this is the port it uses.)
  • When you make more changes, restart your server by using Ctrl+C and then entering bundle exec ruby ./horoscope.rb again. This will reload all of the files in your application.

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