Welcome to Your First API Integration!

This is a workshop for Ruby developers who are interested in making small, creative programming projects and have never done any programming with an API before. This workshop will walk you through setting up a basic Sinatra app that generates a random "horoscope" from data retrieved from the Wikipedia API, and posts that horoscope to Twitter using Twitter's API. After that, you can use your new API superpowers to build anything you can imagine. ✨ 🦄 🍕

Our tools will be:

  • Version control on GitHub.
  • Sinatra, a framework for building Ruby web applications, with less bulk than Ruby on Rails.
  • HTTParty, a Ruby library for making web requests.
  • Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia where we'll be getting data for our horoscope messages.
  • Twitter, an online social network where our horoscope messages will be posted.
  • dotenv, a Ruby library for hiding your secrets.
  • OAuth, a strategy for authenticating with web services.

Everyone has different skill levels and experience, so don't worry if you aren't familiar with some of these tools. We'll go into more depth about them in the next sections and you can always ask questions.


This tutorial was written by Terian Koscik for RailsConf 2017. You can view the source at https://github.com/spinecone/Your-First-API-Integration.

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