Copy the project template

For the rest of this tutorial, you'll need to use a terminal to copy the project template and run the code you'll be writing. If you don't already have one installed, I recommend cmder for Windows and iTerm for Mac.

  • Open a terminal window and type git clone the-url-you-just-copied
  • Finally, type cd api-horoscope to enter the directory you just created.

What did we just do?

When you "fork" a GitHub repository, you're taking a project someone else has written (in this case, the api-horoscope template), and creating a copy of it that you can make changes to. The changes you make on your fork won't affect the original repository. You can read more about forking here.

"Cloning" a GitHub repo means taking some code that exists on GitHub and putting it somewhere that you can use and edit it. Here, we took your forked copy of the api-horoscope template and put it on your computer.

One thing you might be wondering is why we didn't just make a clone of the original api-horoscope template. The reason is that only people who have been granted permission to a repository can push changes to it. By making a fork of api-horoscope, you can push whatever changes you want to your fork without needing access to the original.

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