Welcome to the Build-a-Bot workshop!

This is a workshop for Python developers who are interested in making small, creative programming projects and have never made a Twitter bot before. We'll walk you through setting up a simple Twitter bot that tweets lines of a book 140 characters at a time. Then, we'll move on to customizing it using free, publicly accessible data sources and our imaginations. 🌈

Our tools will be

  • Twitter, an online social network where our bot's output will go.
  • Tweepy, a Python library to simplify the Twitter API and authentication process
  • Hosting and scheduling on PythonAnywhere, a hosting service which has a browser UI for everything we'll be doing today so that you won't need to install anything onto your personal computer.
  • Version control on GitHub.
  • Public domain books from Project Gutenberg for our practice bot.

Everyone has different skill levels and experience, so don't worry if you aren't familiar with some of these tools. We'll go into more depth about them in the next sections and you can always ask questions.


This tutorial was written by Terian Koscik for PyDX 2015. You can view the source at https://github.com/tpinecone/build-a-bot-workshop.

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